All Hail !

This is the journey of a mother and son learning and growing together in the City of New York. This journey will show how they get by just with the help of each other.  The duo is known for their ability to make a raining day , sunny. As they fight all the stereotypes, their journey just becomes much more interesting. Their bond is illustrated in their accomplishments. Their talents are unique She shows him ways to make a plane out of straws.

This blog is to help parents get by day by day when their is no other way out

. It will show you how to handle and mange your energy. Children are not easy and life doesn’t get easy and some time people just need to hear that it is someone else out their feeling the same.

Don’t change your self, change your situation. ! We all can reach our highest potential as long as we ask!

STAY TUNED…. The Prince Project 2017!

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