Top 5 Recommended Read Aloud Series

Attention: Calling all book lovers! Moms, Dads, Children and Dogs! Yes, our little furry friends love to read too. Bucket list Challenge alert: Read to a dog or a pet.


It is the final month before school offically starts in the city. This year we are going to 2nd grade!

As we were going over the books we read last year during 1st grade, we came across some pretty cool book series for older children. If you can remember last year I did a few series like “The black lagoon”, The Mo Williems series and more.  We will forever love those series but it is time to move on.

His school gave us a Junie B Jones Aloa haha! book. SB; This book is hillarious, i forgot how animated books can become once your reading. This girl has enough energy for the whole family to enjoy. if want a good laugh before bedtime call on Junie B Jones!  This book is to read for the summer and complete the summer booklet (I literally mean booklet it has 9 weeks of work Monday through Sunday work for him to complete. Charter school Man! I love it)

It is Ok if your little one is too young to read these books, the pictures are great to look at. But for the older children I do believe they will love it. The wording is pretty much managable.

Series are great for reading. I found that it more helpful then just picking out a random book off the shelf. I remember the Junie B Jones series in 2nd grade, I also remember “The babysitters club”.  Series book help me with reading today.

Check below for children series.

  1. Junie B Jones by Barbara Parks
  2. Magic tree house by Mary P. Osborne
  3. Frog and Todd by Arnold Lobel
  4. Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey
  5. Young CamJansen by David A. Alder ( This is an all time favorite author. You may remember him from the NO David! series for younger children.)

Click the link to check my review for The Black lagoon


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