Let’s talk vegan


So ending July I took a break and headed down to Martha Vineyard for a yoga retreat with Fuller Circle. During this week long retreat we woke up and did yoga, mediation, storytelling and many outdoor activities.

This was just not a regular retreat, this retreat was much different because of the diet we had to follow by. We had a full week of vegan eating, vegan cooking and vegan living.

Now if you may not know vegan and vegetarian eating are two different lifestyles. For the ones that may not know the simple way to describe it is that vegetarians do eat animals, expect for meat (eggs, cheese, fish etc.)

On the other hand vegans do not eat animals. They do not eat cake (which is made with milk and eggs) or wear leather because it comes from cows.  There are special vegan products to substitute for protein.

Here are some of the foods that we were able to taste. Thanks to our special chef Mr. Skip. He expressed to us that this was his first time making vegan food, and he said the trick is flavor! And flavor is what he added. The food was not bland nor was it salty.  Everything was made fresh. The dough for the pizza and the dough for the cinnamon buns. We enjoyed thai curry tofu and some Egyptian beans with lemons.

We traveled down the road to Morning Glory farm and I tasted the basil and watermelon water. This was not a farm you may be thinking about but since I explained that it was a vegan trick then maybe you can guess. It was a vegetable farm. No animals just fresh grown herbs and vegetables. I was able to bring home a green tomato. These are not seen or sold in the city. I remember as a child my granny use to fry them up.

Check out our cookbook.

Cooking with the Curlys” for the cucumber salad recipe.


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