Awesome August

Awesome August is Here!

Welcome back!

Can you believe summer is coming to an end. August is already here. Before we get back to school, I have something to spice up the end of the summer. The prince and created a bucket list back in June. Some of the things are a little outrageous but we accomplished a lot of it. This is the last month where a kid can be a kid. HA! We all know once school comes back most of these active are going to be hard to do. Lets have fun and do everything we always wanted to do in the summer. Enjoy the next month to the best.

To make things much more interesting. Lets make August a limit electronics month. As parents lets teach our children to enjoy the moments. This means use electronics once a week or even twice a week. Lets get our children’s minds ready for the upcoming school year. And for the parents with young children keep them active. Allow their minds to keep moving without the backlight of a screen. Parents give your children this attention this month because I can speak for myself and say during the school year he spends so much time away in class, by the time he gets home he is tired and ready for bed. It only gives me a little bit of time to really get to know my child and by the time the weekend comes he wants to run and run. This month is the time where you will get to know your child, with out the phones in hand, with out picking up calls, and my worst one checking emails. Before you and your child go to sleep. Take 20 minutes to mediate. Give these last few days to your child. They will need it for the upcoming months.

Here are 15 things to do before the summer is over. If you have already did some of the things, do it again!

  1. Try a new ice cream flavor (Head down to Little Italy in the city or you can stop by your local 16 handles or pink berry)
  2. Go to the beach and bury yourself in the sand. (This goes for the parent and the child)
  3. Read under a tree( To make it more interesting try to find a weeping willow tree. Central Park and prospect Park are good locations)
  4. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge(Warning! It is very narrow so go at an early time, not on a Saturday or Sunday, so you can enjoy the view)
  5. Ride Jane’s Carousel down in the Dumbo. (This is located in Brooklyn. Before you leave make sure you check out the playground.)
  6. Check out Anish Kapoor: Descension In Brooklyn Bridge park.
  7. Make homemade lemonade and have 3 friends taste it.(Check Cooking with the Curlys cookbook for the ingredients)
  8. Make breakfast for dinner
  9. Create your own cookbook
  10. Take a picture with a playmate (Meet a friend at the park and ask for a picture)
  11. Have a picnic in Central park
  12. Go to a petting zoo or see a 4D movie
  13. Have a water fight (Parents vs children)
  14. Try a new fruit (Our new fruit is a dragon fruit)
  15. Make your own homemade bingo game

Hope this keeps your little one/ones entertained,



The Curlys


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